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We pride ourselves in providing the best professional, ethical, and effective health care services at very reasonable prices. Our office is located in upcountry Captain Cook, a small commercial zone in the heart of the South Kona agricultural district. Kona is famous for it's coffee farms, but macadamia nuts, avocados, citrus, and many exotic tropical fruits are also grown in this region.

In payment for our services we accept cash, or checks. Credit or Debit cards are not accepted. We offer service to a number of corporate and union benefit health care trust funds. We are happy to work with employers or sole proprietors who wish to provide health care benefits to their business associates or employees. In addition, we do accept physician referral for approved treatment plans through the Workers Compensation and No Fault Auto Insurance plans. As discounts are given for payment at the time of service, medical reports, SOAP notes, or billing for service are not included in that fee for service. We gratefully accept gratuities.

As of January 1, 2016 Tom's in clinic rates are:

30 minute Shiatsu Session.....................$35.00*

60 minute Shiatsu Session.....................$70.00*

90 minute Shiatsu Session.....................$95.00*

120 minute Shiatsu Session...................$135.00*

Special Offer: Buy 10 prepaid 60 minute in office Shiatsu sessions for $650.00*  

Out-call rates vary according to time and location. Call (808) 323-3111

On occasion, people request to have a massage therapy session for two or more people at a time. We can contract with other therapists of various other specialties to provide quality massage therapy for multiple sessions if given enough advance notice. Please inquire as to availability and rates if this is of interest.

Tom also offers apprenticeship and mentoring programs for aspiring licensed shiatsu therapists. If you are a student interested in participating in such a program or client interested in receiving a therapeutic session with a trainee for a reduced rate, please enquire.  
Training workshops in Shiatsu Therapy are offered.  Rates and availability of workshops and trainings are negotiated upon request.

* This discount offer is valid only for single individuals and is not transferable. No medical treatment plans, treatment notes, medical reports or billing for services are included for these rates.

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