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Shiatsu therapy does not require oil or lotions to be applied and so does not require removal of clothes during treatment. We recommend people to wear loose fitting natural fiber (cotton, bamboo, or hemp are preferred) clothing for your comfort, and to wear a minimum of make-up, and remove eye glasses, contact lenses, jewelry, belts and watches, or anything uncomfortable, and to turn off cell phones before treatment. For those who prefer to disrobe, a cover sheet is provided. Treatment sessions are provided either on a cotton futon on the floor or on a stationary pneumatic lift massage table set at a low height.

Shiatsu therapy can be considered a deep tissue technique, but the application is varied according to the person's comfort, tolerances, overall health condition, and treatment goals. Throughout the treatment the therapist maintains communication regarding the patient's comfort and at all times respects their feedback. Most people achieve a deep relaxing state that borders sleep.

Treatment goals are determined by the therapist listening to the patient's history and symptoms,  observing more subtle cues to overall and specific health issues and constitution. Last but not least palpation, feeling the body as we press allows us to assess areas of congestion, inflammation, too much or lack of tonus. Whether coming in to address a health issue or just to relax, shiatsu therapy's greatest value is in helping to maintain the delicate balance that is exhibited in health, vitality, and performance through regular treatment.

Applications for which Shiatsu is known to be helpful are:  sports recovery and training, the overall affects of tension, headache, facial tick, jaw problems (TMJ disfunction), neck pain, tendonitis, back strain, whiplash, ligament strain, myofascial pain, shoulder problems, wrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome), leg pain, recovery from the effects of stress, overexertion, anxiety and injury, numerous kinds of nerve pain, hormonal imbalance, digestive disorders, reproductive problems, imbalanced immune response, and relief from some of the effects of the following: arthritis*, asthma*, diabetes*, Parkinson's disease*, multiple sclerosis*, and others.

We provide covered service to patients referred by their physicians for the treatment of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents or on the job work injuries in conjunction with an approved referral and treatment plan. Several Trade workers Union Trust Funds also cover a portion of our fee for service if the worker has met the qualifications of the trust. Check with your union steward for details.

We additionally provide, at no extra cost, ancillary applications such as hot packs, cold packs, paraffin bath for extremities and other modalities as indicated or upon request during the treatment session. We often offer instruction in remedial exercises and stretches to facilitate management of persistent conditions. We also sell gift certificates, assorted silicone gel cold packs, orthopedic pillows and patented Chinese herbal preparations for those who request them.

* not considered a cure for these conditions. 

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